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cruel definition: 1. extremely unkind and unpleasant and causing pain to people or animals intentionally: 2. causing. Learn more. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plu cruel adj. adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house. (harsh) cruel, cruelle adj. adjectif: modifie un nom. Il est généralement placé après le nom et s'accorde avec le nom ( ex : un ballon bleu, un e balle bleu e ) cruel. adj. cruel. Additional comments: To ensure the quality of comments, you need to be connected. It's easy and only takes a few seconds. Or Sign up / to Reverso account. Collaborative Dictionary French-English. homme cruel cruel - traduction français-anglais. Forums pour discuter de cruel, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit adjective crueller, cruellest; US crueler, cruelest. 1 Wilfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it. 'people who are cruel to animals'. More example sentences. 'a cruel remark'. 'After the death, staff at the home became intolerably cruel to her and made her life a living hell.'

Cruel definition: Someone who is cruel deliberately causes pain or distress to people or animals. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Log In Dictionar Children can be cruel, as any child who has been made fun of by others knows. He says he can't trust people who are cruel to animals. a cruel smile [=the smile of a cruel person]

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Definition of cruel. 1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings a cruel tyrant has a cruel heart. 2 a : causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain a cruel joke a cruel twist of fate. b : unrelieved by leniency cruel punishment adj. cru·el·er, cru·el·est or cru·el·ler or cru·el·lest 1. Disposed to inflict pain or suffering: a cruel tyrant. 2 Traductions en contexte de cruel en français-anglais avec Reverso Context : traitement cruel, si cruel, manque cruel, acte méchant et cruel, homme cruel 1 adj Someone who is cruel deliberately causes pain or distress to people or animals. oft it v-link ADJ to-inf (Antonym: kind) Children can be so cruel..., Don't you think it's cruel to cage a creature up? ♦ cruelly adv ADV with v Douglas was often cruelly tormented by jealous siblings Cruel: having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others. Synonyms: atrocious, barbaric, barbarous Antonyms: benign, benignant, compassionate Find the right word. Synonyms: atrocious, barbaric, barbarou

cruel. adj. [person] cruel (le) [treatment] cruel (le) → We were outraged by such harsh, cruel treatment of an elderly man. [joke, hoax] cruel (le) → She is furious with me for playing such a cruel joke on her. to be cruel to sb [person] être cruel (le) envers qn. → He was cruel to her Traductions en contexte de cruel en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : torture and other cruel, torture and cruel, cruel treatment, cruel and unusual, the convention against torture and other cruel

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cruel (adj.). 1. (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering a barbarous crime brutal beatings cruel tortures Stalin's roughshod treatment of the kulaks a savage slap vicious kicks . 2. (of weapons or instruments) causing suffering and pain brutal instruments of torture cruel weapons of wa Définition de cruel dans le dictionnaire français en ligne. Sens du mot. Prononciation de cruel définition cruel traduction cruel signification cruel dictionnaire cruel quelle est la définition de cruel . cruel synonymes, cruel antonymes. Informations sur cruel dans le dictionnaire gratuit en ligne anglais et encyclopédie. adj. 1. Qui aime à faire souffrir ou à voir souffrir : Le. Cruel definition, willfully or knowingly causing pain or distress to others. See more Translate Cruel. See authoritative translations of Cruel in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations Cruelty is behaviour that deliberately causes pain or distress to people or animals. Britain had laws against cruelty to animals but none to protect children. [ + to] He had been unable to escape the cruelties of war. [ + of] Synonyms: brutality, spite, severity, savagery More Synonyms of cruelt

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  1. cruel - Traduction Français-Anglais : Retrouvez la traduction de cruel, mais également sa prononciation, la traduction des expressions à partir de cruel : cruel, , cruelle,
  2. Definition of cruel_1 adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more
  3. Il traitait bien son chien et n'était jamais cruel. Linguee in English Connexion Mentions légales CGU Déclaration de confidentialit é. Veuillez choisir une raison pour justifier votre évaluation de la traduction : Cet exemple ne correspond à la traduction ci-dessus. Les mots surlignés ne correspondent pas. Ce résultat ne correspond pas à ma recherche. Cet exemple ne correspond pas.
  4. Définitions de cruel. Qui se plaît à faire souffrir, à tuer, à torturer ; féroce : Être cruel envers les animaux. Qui manifeste de la cruauté, de la férocité ; inhumain, barbare : Obéir à des ordres cruels
  5. en English ; fr Français This was to denounce the plundering of diamonds, gold, coffee and wood, and the cruel destruction of Congolese fauna, flora and basic infrastructure. Ceci pour dénoncer le pillage du diamant, de l'or, du café, du bois et la destruction méchante de la faune, de la flore et des infrastructures de base congolaises. EN cruel mother {substantif} volume_up. cruel.
  6. 1. Qui prend plaisir à provoquer volontairement la souffrance physique ou morale d'autrui (ou d'un animal). Ces femmes-là aiment à être méprisées par leur amant, elles ne l'aiment que cruel (Stendhal, Amour,1822, p. 128).Le tendre Racine et le cruel Racine (...

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  1. Cruelty is pleasure in inflicting suffering or inaction towards another's suffering when a clear remedy is readily available. Sadism can also be related to this form of action or concept. Cruel ways of inflicting suffering may involve violence, but affirmative violence is not necessary for an act to be cruel. For example, if a person is drowning and begging for help and another person is able to help with no cost or risk, but is merely watching with disinterest or perhaps.
  2. become cruel in English translation and definition become cruel, Dictionary English-English online. become cruel. Example sentences with become cruel, translation memory . tatoeba. Witnessing cruelty to animals, children may become cruel. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Ever since Milton took Bo from us, you've become cruel. MultiUn. t is submitted that, given the wide variety of circumstances under.
  3. Cruel meaning in Bengali - নিষ্ঠুর ; নির্দয়; নৃশংস; | English - Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. ইংরেজি - বাংলা Online অভিধান। Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us
  4. Definition of cruel and unusual punishment in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of cruel and unusual punishment. What does cruel and unusual punishment mean? Information and translations of cruel and unusual punishment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web
  5. Definition: Cruel - with Gymglish, online personalized daily English lessons for all levels. Free test

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Another word for cruel. Find more ways to say cruel, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus cruel adj (usage quasi-systématique) (cruelle f sg, cruels m pl, cruelles f pl) He treated his dog kindly and was never cruel. — Il traitait bien son chien et n'était jamais cruel Definition of cruel at Define.com Simple Ad-Free English Dictionary with Hyperlinks to The Free World Bank - A BIG Thinking Scientific Save the World High Level Concept on Amazon S

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Definition of cruel in English Dictionary; Verb SG cruels PR cruelling PT, PP cruelled. To spoil or ruin (one's chance of success). Adjective COM crueler COM crueller SUP cruelest SUP cruellest +-Not nice; mean; heartless. The supervisor was very cruel to Josh, as he would always give Josh the hardest, most degrading work he could find. SLA Cool; awesome; neat. More Examples. Used in the. Cruel and unusual punishment is a phrase describing punishment which is considered unacceptable due to the suffering, pain, or humiliation it inflicts on the condemned person. They especially include some forms of capital punishment.These exact words were first used in the English Bill of Rights in 1689, and later were also adopted by the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution. English; Suomi ; 日本語; Nederlands Espaces de noms. Article; Discussion; Variantes. Affichages. Lire; Modifier le wikicode; Voir l'historique; Plus. cruels. Définition, traduction, prononciation, anagramme et synonyme sur le dictionnaire libre Wiktionnaire. Français [modifier le wikicode] Forme d'adjectif [modifier le wikicode] Singulier Pluriel Masculin cruel \kʁy.ɛl\ cruels. Cruel But Necessary is a 2005 independent film directed by Canadian actor/director Saul Rubinek.Actress, Wendel Meldrum, took a turn as a screenwriter for this project. [1] Meldrum stars in the film as Betty Munson, a women struggling to put her life back together after her marriage falls apart.Betty decides to videotape family, friends, and others to help understand the truth of her life Cruel is a solitaire card game played using a deck of 52 playing cards. Its arrangement and game play are almost like another solitaire card game Perseverance. Cruel is a pop rock track by New Zealand singer Dane Rumble. Cruel is the third solo single by Rumble, which was released as a digital download single on November 23, 2009..

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Définition de cruels dans le dictionnaire français en ligne. Sens du mot. Prononciation de cruels définition cruels traduction cruels signification cruels dictionnaire cruels quelle est la définition de cruels . cruels synonymes, cruels antonymes. Informations sur cruels dans le dictionnaire gratuit en ligne anglais et encyclopédie. adj. 1 Cruel Definition. Find out the meaning of Cruel in English and other Spanish adjectives from A-Z at Adjectivesthatstartwith.com

Ensuite, nous énumérons les définitions web les plus populaires de cruel. Bien qu'ils ne soient pas exacts, mais représentent les explications les plus à jour à l'ère d'Internet. En outre, nous énumérons d'autres mots qui ont les mêmes significations que cruel. En plus des synonymes, des antonymes majeurs pour cruel sont également répertoriés. Pour une liste de mots détaillée. cruel Féminin cruelle. (1) Qui aime à voir ou à faire souffrir. Traduction anglais : cruel (2) Sauvage, sanguinaire. Exemple : J'ai du mal à comprendre ces traditions cruelles. Traduction anglais : cruel (3) Figuré Pénible, douloureux, qui fait souffrir. Exemple : Un choix cruel. Traduction anglais : cr..

Cruel meaning in Hindi : Get detailed meaning of Cruel in Hindi language.This page shows Cruel meaning in Hindi with Cruel definition,translation and usage.This page provides translation and definition of Cruel in Hindi language along with grammar, synonyms and antonyms.Answer of question : what is meaning of Cruel in Hindi dictionary? Cruel ka matalab hindi me janiye (Cruel का. Cruel and unusual punishment was also a way that the king or queens could control people. If the king or queen did not agree with someone, he or she had the power to use cruel and unusual punishment. With the England Bill of Rights, this was stopped, which also restricted the power that the queen or king had. By restricting the power of the king and queen, the Bill of Rights laid the.

Cruels Meaning in English - Definition, synonyms, and opposite of the word 'Cruels' is available here. English to English dictionary gives you the best and accurate English translation, examples and sentence and meanings of Cruels at HamariWeb Dictionary Cruelty. The deliberate and malicious infliction of mental or physical pain upon persons or animals. As applied to people, cruelty encompasses abusive, outrageous, and inhumane t traductions de CRUEL (français) : choisissez parmi 36 langues cibles ! sens a gent. Contenu de sens a gent. traductions; Publicité 10092 visiteurs en ligne. calculé en 0,093s. Publicité imprimer English Español Português. français rechercher: allemand anglais arabe bulgare chinois coréen croate danois espagnol espéranto estonien finnois français grec hébreu hindi hongrois islandais. Cruel, Cruel Love was presumed a lost film for 50 years until a rather good complete nitrate copy was discovered in South America. Cruel, Cruel Love was then copied and its original two reel format is available for sale. [1] References Contextual translation of definition of cruel into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: abas, kintal, nakapamewang, kahulugan ng turi, kahulugan ng hami

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Definition of cruel in English Dictionary; Verb SG cruels PR cruelling PT, PP cruelled. To spoil or ruin (one's chance of success). Adjektiv COM crueler COM crueller SUP cruelest SUP cruellest +-Not nice; mean; heartless. The supervisor was very cruel to Josh, as he would always give Josh the hardest, most degrading work he could find. SLA Cool; awesome; neat. Mehr Beispiele. Wird in der Mitte. Translate cruel into Spanish. Find words for cruel in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir cruel de Inglés a español

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Article 5 states, No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Amnesty International is the leading non-governmental organisation against the use of torture. It has regularly reported on which countries it thinks still use torture. It says Over the last five years, Amnesty has reported torture in at least three quarters of the world - 141. imprimer English Español Português. français rechercher: allemand anglais arabe bulgare chinois coréen croate danois espagnol espéranto estonien finnois français grec hébreu hindi hongrois islandais indonésien italien japonais letton lituanien malgache néerlandais norvégien persan polonais portugais roumain russe serbe slovaque slovène suédois tchèque thai turc vietnamien. Dilemme : définition, synonymes, citations, traduction dans le dictionnaire de la langue française. Définition : Situation qui nécessite de.. Définitions de crue. Élévation du niveau d'un cours d'eau, résultant de la fonte des neiges ou des glaces ou de pluies abondantes

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cruel in a sentence and translation of cruel in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.co Violent : définition, synonymes, citations, traduction dans le dictionnaire de la langue française. Définition : Qui est fait avec.. cruelly meaning, definition of cruelly, cruelly in english

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cruel = cruel tính từ độc ác, dữ tợn, hung ác, ác nghiệt, tàn ác, tàn bạo, tàn nhẫn cruel fate số phận phũ phàng hiểm nghèo, tàn khốc, thảm khốc a cruel disease cơn bệnh hiểm nghèo a cruel war cuộc chiến tranh tàn khốc a cruel death cái chết thảm khốc /'kruili/ tính từ độc ác, dữ tợn, hung ác, ác nghiệt, tàn ác, tàn bạ cruel adv. (nonstandard) To a great degree; terribly. cruel v. (chiefly Australia, New Zealand) To spoil or ruin (one's cruel v. (Australia, transitive, intransitive) To violently provoke cruel n. Alternative form of crewel. 45 mots français tirés des 11 définitions françaises. amant avances caractère choses cruauté Cruel des dit Douloureux Dur écoute En␣particulier exigeant. Comment dire cruel en arabe? Voici quelques traductions. Quel est le synonyme de : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Une peine ou traitement cruel, inhumain ou dégradant est interdite par l'article 5 de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme et par l'article 3 de la Convention européenne des droits de l'homme, au même titre que la torture.S'il s'agit de concepts juridiques distincts, la qualification pénale des faits en tant que ressortant de l'une ou de l'autre de ces catégories est sujette. Comment dire cruel en tchèque? Voici quelques traductions. Traduction. krutý . Recherche Encore. Voir aussi. Quel est l'antonyme de cruel? Quel est le synonyme de cruel? Quelle est la définition du mot cruel? Plus de mots. Comment dire crûe en tchèque? Comment dire crue en tchèque? Comment dire crudités en tchèque? Comment dire crudité en tchèque? Comment dire crud-ammoniac en.


Definition of cruel. Free online Dictionary including thesaurus, children's and intermediate dictionary by Wordsmyth cruel. Use our dictionary to check the spelling definitions of words. You can translate the dictionary words into your native language. This course teaches English spelling rules with interactive exercises and spelling tests, helping learners with problems such as dyslexia to improve their English spelling and helping others to learn English as a foreign language

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Your scheduled group class has started. Click here to join. Log in; Home Hom They hate me with cruel hatred (Psalms 25:19; compare Proverbs 5:9; 11:17; 12:10; Jeremiah 6:23; 50:42); Job speaks of God's dealings with him as cruel and arbitrary: Thou art turned to be cruel to me ( Job 30:21 ); conscious of his virtue, yet holding God to be the author of his sufferings, Job is driven to the conclusion that God has become his enemy and is bent upon destroying him

Cruel: Humane, Kind: Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar The cruel (but perhaps not unusual) irony is that the Supreme Court has done anything but clearly enunciate the law of the Eighth Amendment's reference to cruel and unusual punishment. The Court is in fact spinning in a self-created eddy formed by two opposing currents of decisions it has rendered over the last century cubao definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. Look it up now

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The original ban on cruel and unusual punishment is thought to have come from the English Declaration of Rights of 1689, which was later adopted by the United States framers of the Constitution 10 Medieval Execution Methods That Are The Definition Of Cruel And Unusual. By Marco Margaritoff. Published November 27, 2020. Updated November 30, 2020. From impalement to the blood eagle, these execution methods prove that they mastered the art of pain in the Middle Ages. Medieval execution was a horrifying and gruesome prospect. During the Middle Ages, the unspeakable cruelty of capital. Contes cruels (Cruel Tales) is a two-volume set of about 150 tales and short stories by the 19th-century French writer Octave Mirbeau, collected and edited by Pierre Michel and Jean-François Nivet and published in two volumes in 1990 by Librairie Séguier. The title was taken from Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, of whom Mirbeau was a friend and admirer. 8. cruels definition: Noun (plural.

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[...] substantial and objective risk of torture or to life or of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, regardless of whether [... Definition of cruel and unusual punishment in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of cruel and unusual punishment. What does cruel and unusual punishment mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus IPA phonetic transcription) of the word cruel and unusual punishment. Information about cruel and unusual punishment in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms cruel adj. VERBS be, seem, sound | become . ADV. extremely, unspeakably, very an extremely cruel regime | a little, rather | deliberately | unnecessarily . PREP. to I can't stand people who are cruel to animals. You can also check other dicts: cruel (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition. IELTS Speaking Topics (part 1,2,3) IELTS Essay Writing Topics; IELTS Writing Ideas. Definition and synonyms of brutal from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of brutal.View American English definition of brutal. Change your default dictionary to American English. View the pronunciation for brutal The word is in the Wiktionary 1 short excerpt of Wiktionnary (A collaborative project to produce a free-content dictionary.) — English word — cruellest adj. superlative form of cruel: most cruel.; 4 English words from the English definition. cruel form most superlative. 27 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters. The English Declaration of Rights of 1689 is the source of the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. When the Declaration was issued, however, fairly gruesome punishment was meted out as a matter of course. For example, dozens of offenses, including those as minor as grand theft, were punishable by death. America's adoption of the ban on cruel and unusual punishment took place.

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