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(It is one of the endearing oddities of British history that the original Scots are northern Irish). The Scots establish a kingdom, by the name of Dalriada, on both sides of the water. By the 9th century Dalriada in Ireland has succumbed to raids by Vikings. But from within Dalriada in Scotland there emerges the first Scottish dynasty. The kings of this line establish themselves, over two centuries, against constant Viking pressure from all sides Reform in Scotland: 1546-1560 The first dramatic clash between reformers and the establishment in Scotland occurs in 1546. It is occasioned by the burning for heresy of George Wishart by the archbishop of St Andrews, Cardinal David Beaton. In retaliation Protestants murder the cardinal in May 1546 and seize the town and castle of St Andrews Southern border of Scotland established in the Treaty of York. 1263: Scots defeat Norwegians in the Battle of Largs. 1266: Norway cedes the Hebrides and Isle of Man to Scotland in the Treaty of Perth. 1292: Edward I of England intervenes in Scottish affairs and grants the Scottish throne to John Balliol. 129 The animated history for the little nation in northern Europe we all know and love. Scotland! From Bronze age Picts, to the modern nation within the United K.. Scotland was incorporated into 'the free state and Commonwealth of England', with 29 out of 31 shires and 44 of the 58 royal burghs assenting to what was known as the 'Tender of Union'. Under the terms of the Cromwellian union, the Scots were given 30 seats (half of them held by English officers) in the Westminster parliament

The name Scotland derives from the Latin Scotia, land of the Scots, a Celtic people from Ireland who settled on the west coast of Great Britain about the 5th century CE. The name Caledonia has often been applied to Scotland, especially in poetry. It is derived from Caledonii, the Roman name of a tribe in the northern part of what is now Scotland Scotland's written history begins with the Romans. The Romans invaded Scotland in 80 AD led by Agricola. They advanced into southern Scotland and then marched into the northeast. In 84 the Romans severely defeated the Picts at a place called Mons Graupius (its exact location is unknown). However, in the years after the battle, the Romans slowly withdrew and in 123 Emperor Hadrian began building a wall to keep out the Picts

A History of Scotland. Documentary charting the birth and growth of the Scottish nation. On iPlayer. Not available. On TV. No upcoming broadcasts. All previous episodes. Supporting Content. The History of Scotland Magazine. Every month we will feature articles relating to the history of Scotland - famous people, famous battles, famous places etc. These will build over the months into a full and intriguing insight into the history of this ancient land. You may also be interested in our History of Britain section covering the period from the Act of Union during Queen Anne's.

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The history of Scotland begins when humans first began to live in Scotland after the end of the last ice age. According to myths and legends, Mary of Guise's mothers haunts Linlithgow Palace her name is also The White Lady. It is believed, John Brown haunts Balmoral castle A History of the Scottish People , 1560-1830, 1972. ——. A Century of the Scottish People , 1830-1950, 1987. Withers, Charles W. J. Gaelic Scotland: The Transformation of a Culture Region , 1988. Woman's Claim of Right Group. A Woman's Claim of Right in Scotland: Women, Representation, and Politics , 1991 The History of Scotland Great history podcasts from the shed. Home; Podcasts; Resources; About; History of England; Become a Member; Log In; Search for: Dec 27, 2020 0 Comments podcast HoS 53 16th Century Highlands and Islands - Members Only. The removal of the Macdonald Lords of the Isles by Stewart kings actually widened the gap between Scottish lowland and highland culture, and by the 16th.

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I study history religiously, have a associates degree in western civ., but almost everything I had read or heard about Scottish history was completely false. Just goes to show you, this is what they mean when they say history goes to the victor. An excellent documentary that tells the true story of how Scotland came about and how it had to defend itself against the English, Romans (at this. A History of Scotland episode 1 - The Last of the Free . At the dawn of the first millennium, there was no Scotland or England. In the first episode Oliver reveals the mystery of how the Gaelic Scottish Kingdom - Alba - was born, and why its role in one of the greatest battles ever fought on British soil defined the shape of Britain in the modern era. Kingdom of Alba. The Kingdom of Alba.

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  1. BBC Scotland' History: the home of BBC Scotland's history programmes. Explore Scotland's story from Skara Brae to modern times
  2. The United Kingdom is made up of four constituent states: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. But there have long been tensions between England and the other three U.K. states, in part.
  3. The history of Scotland is a very broad subject but he threads his way through a sometimes bloody historical background to the birth of a nation. At no time during this great journey does he seek to talk down to or lecture the viewer as some others do, he lets the story unfold with little vignettes of reconstruction to help the story a long and is never less than enthusiastic about the subject.
  4. Ancient Origins articles related to Scotland in the sections of history, archaeology, human origins, unexplained, artifacts, ancient places and myths and legends. (Page of tag Scotland
  5. Go to http://www.audible.com/overlysarcastic or text OVERLYSARCASTIC to 500500 to get a free audiobook, 2 free Audible Originals, and 30-day free trial.Put o..

The history of Scotland on its own is fascinating enough: upfront resistance to the Roman Empire, the surge of two differentiated cultures, murders amongst family, deadly traps for hitherto friends, sadist torture, monarchs in exile who because of a small slip because of their humanity they changed the course of history... But Neil delivers it at a wave length that makes this magnificent tale. History in Scotland has become a political tool for the embedding of a particular kind of Scottish identity, an emphatically nationalist one. It is one where virtue is ascribed to Scots, who are. One of the most ambitious historical television series ever created, A History of Scotland - two years in the making and costing more than £2m - airs tonight. But while glasses of malt whisky. Scotland has been a united kingdom for centuries and has its own history. A history full of battles and violence. We don´t like violence and hope for a better, united world, with all possible room for individualism, groups, cultures, religions, as long as they respect each other and are willing to work together when that is better for mankind. Oppression by any group is intolerable, but. The History of Scotland In 9 volumes + Index By Patrick Fraser Tytler (1828) Scotland's Story A History of Scotland for Boys and Girls By H. E. Marshall A History of the Scottish People By The Rev. Thomas T with Introduction by Charles Annandale, M.A., LL.D. (1895) When Scotland Was Jewish DNA Evidence, Archeology, Analysis of Migrations, and Public and Family Records Show Twelfth.

  1. The human history of Scotland has been very turbulent and started almost 8000 years ago after the end of the last Ice Age, when early inhabitants (most likely Celtic people from the Iberian Peninsula) settled in the area now called Scotland. Around 2000 bc. their descendants raised the standing stones which can still be found all over the country
  2. A TIMELINE OF SCOTLAND AND SCOTTISH HISTORY. By Tim Lambert. Ancient Scotland. C. 6,000 BC Stone age hunters arrive in Scotland. C. 4,500 BC Stone age farmers arrive in Scotland. C 1,800 BC The Beaker People (so called because they made pottery beakers) introduce bronze into Scotland. C. 1,000 BC The sword and shield are introduced into Scotland
  3. read. Share: People have lived in Scotland for over 12,000 years, right back to prehistoric times. THE FIRST PEOPLE. People have lived in Scotland since pre-historic times, over 12,000 years ago. Remains of bloodstone tools and nut processing sites have been found on the West coast and Isles. These people had a stone age society but gradually the.
  4. Scotland's past is filled with a handful of diverse happenings and noteworthy people, from game-changing battles and discerning clansmen, to Vikings, revolutionary thinkers and key political events. Here are just 12 of the many moments in Scottish history that help define Caledonia as she is today
  5. BBC History Of Scotland. 1. The Last Of The Free by PEDRO GREENAWAY. Topics BBC History Of Scotland. 1. The Last Of The Free. BBC History Of Scotland. 1. The Last Of The Free Addeddate 2015-09-18 20:19:06 Identifier HistoryOfScotland.1.TheLastOfTheFree Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. comment. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a.
  6. History Scotland is the world's premier Scottish history magazine, written by a team of historians, curators, archaeologists and authors and enjoyed by thousands of readers around the world. View our latest subscription offers below UK European Worldwide Subscriptions: UK Postage Number of Issues. Number of issues. 1 Issue 2 Issues 6 Issues. Subscription Offers. Subscribe to History.
  7. The modern history of Scotland's relationship with England began with a takeover. Elizabeth I, England's virgin queen, died childless. In the lottery of an inherited throne, her heir was James VI..

The History of Hogmanay. History of Scotland. Only one nation in the world can celebrate the New Year or Hogmanay with such revelry and passion - the Scots! But what are the actual origins of Hogmanay, and why should a tall dark stranger be a welcome visitor after midnight? more detail In 1707, England and Scotland were merged into the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which much later became the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland, and finally the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Eventually a new Scottish parliament was established in Edinburgh to oversee the territory of Scotland. back to History. Related Page. Castles. Affleck. Affleck Castle is not open to view by the public but the structure is in a remarkable state of preservation. Located nine miles northeast of Dundee, just to the west of the town of Monikie, in Angus, Tayside (route B978) its original builders. 20th Century History of Scotland Twentieth Century Scotland Chronology of Events. A List of important and/or interesting events in Scotland in the twentieth century listed in chronological order. Continue Reading. Print Email Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Full Text of David Hume's classic work of philosophy . Continue Reading. Print Email Stone Destiny. Stone of Destiny. Like the. contact. events. franc

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  1. William I of Scotland, also known as 'William the Lion' after his heraldic emblem, reigned from 1165 to 1214 CE. Succeeding his elder brother Malcolm IV of Scotland (r. 1153-1165 CE), William was faced with a shrinking kingdom, but he harboured ambitions to capture northern England, especially Northumberland
  2. At its simplest a clan is an extended family, kinship ties binding closely, different branches of the same family tree, different surnames linked through a common shared history. The origins of the clan system are ancient, historians suggesting they date back at least 1000 years — long before Scotland was a nation
  3. Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Alba) is a kintra in nor'-wast Europe, an is ane o the fower kintras that maks the Unitit Kinrick. It taks up the northren thrid o the Breetish island. Scotland haes til its sooth the laund o England, an is bund bi the German Ocean til the east an the Atlantic Ocean til the north an wast
  4. You should also note that this is a history of the Scottish Highlands and not the whole of Scotland so some famous Scottish events might not be covered or at best only with passing reference. On a historical note this was the first publication that went up on Electric Scotland and was mostly typed in by Alastair McIntyre from the 6 volumes that made up the set. The set was purchased from James.
  5. Scotland's history has been badly served over the years. Defined by its relationship to England, Scotland's popular history is full of near-mythical figures and tragic events, her past littered with defeat, failure and thwarted ambition. The martyrdom of William Wallace, the tragedy of Mary Queen of Scots and the forlorn cause of Bonnie Prince Charlie all give the impress
  6. Media in category History of Scotland The following 172 files are in this category, out of 172 total. The Oldest Allies in Europe 1295-1914, World War I Postcard.jpg 168 × 262; 15 KB. 0 around edinburgh - firth of forth - royal george buttersworth.jpg 640 × 469; 34 KB. 01 Illustration by Alfred Pearse (1856-1933) for The Thirsty Sword - a story of the Norse invasion of Scotland (1262.

When someone says Scotland, do bagpipes and kilts immediately come to mind?There is more to Scotland's history than meets the eye.. From ancient stones, castles, and it's official animal, the history of Scotland will surprise and delight you. Oh, and do we have any Harry Potter fans? Stick around, you'll love what's coming up History Scotland is your number one online resource for Scottish history and nostalgia, bringing you daily news and expert articles on Scottish heritage, history and events This was the moment when Scotland secured its independence, albeit they had to wait until 1328 for official English recognition, when King Edward III signed the Treaty of Northampton. The next clash saw Scotland on the offensive. In 1512 an alliance was formed between them and France History Of Scotland. 5. Project Britain by PEDRO GREENAWAY. Topics History Of Scotland. 5. Project Britain. History Of Scotland. 5. Project Britain Addeddate 2015-09-18 20:39:29 Identifier HistoryOfScotland.5.ProjectBritain Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. comment . Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. 1,498 Views . 1. History of Scotland. Wars and Rebellions. Scotland has been a constituent part of Great Britain since the Act of Union was passed by the legislatures of England and Scotland in 1707. However, the union of these two ancient lands has not always been an easy one, and even after 1707 wars and rebellions by Scots determined to maintain their full independence were not uncommon. Many of these.

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The History of Scotland, Volume 3 George Buchanan Full view - 1827. View all » Common terms and phrases. appear appointed arms army arrived assembly Athol attempt bill bolls Britain British carried castle Charles chief church of Scotland clans colonel command commission commons court court of session crown Culloden declared dragoons duke of Argyle duke of Hamilton earl Edinburgh endeavours. But Scotland Yard has an easily muddled history, full of misnomers and controversy. Neither in Scotland, nor in a yard, it is the name of the headquarters of London's Metropolitan Police and, by.

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In this article we take in-depth look at the people of Northern Scotland and examine facts and history about the Picts. The true identity of the Picts remains unknown. It is today generally accepted that the Picts were not a race of one people, but several tribes that united. They were driven by political motivations and a need to ally against common enemies. Were they Picts originally came. History of Scotland. Glasgow : Blackie, Fullarton, 1827 (OCoLC)642436221: Material Type: Internet resource: Document Type: Book, Internet Resource: All Authors / Contributors: George Buchanan; James Aikman. Find more information about: OCLC Number: 171557: Notes: Translation of: Rerum Scoticarum historia. Description: 4 volumes : illustrations ; 22 cm: Other Titles: Rerum scoticarum historia. William Robertson - The History of Scotland - 1821 Description William Robertson - The History of Scotland - 1821 Bindings, History, Illustrated - Quantity: 3 - Book During the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. 'till his accession to the Crown of England. 3 volumes. Rare set beautifully rebound. Half tan-leather. Gilt raised bands with morocco gilt titles. Volume I. vii, [3], 407.

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History of Scotland. About 1650-1800 1800-1900 1900-1945 Post WWII Sources About 1650-1800 1800-1900 1900-1945 Post WWII Sources 1800-1900. The 19th century is important to the history of Scotland because it saw the change from an agricultural society to an industrialized urban nation. Romanticism . Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake. The Mountebank History of Scotland is the 'hysterical and historical' podcast by Scottish stand-up comedian Daniel Downie. Learn a little and laugh a lot while Daniel takes you on a whistle-stop tour through Scottish history from the 1st century AD to the present day. If you are enjoying the series why not join Daniel on his Comedy Walking Tour of Edinburgh or his Comedy Whisky Tasting information on both can be found at his website @mountebanktours sláinte : History of Scotland Scotland comes from the Latin word scoti, which means Land of the Gaels - this was used to refer to Ireland originally, but later became known to refer to Scotland. Scotland has been populated for over 12,000 years, and was invaded by the Romans in 43 AD. The native Scots at the time of Roman invasion were called the Caledonians. Between the 13th and. The Royal Regiment of Scotland was formed on 28 March 2006. However, the heritage of The Royal Regiment of Scotland reaches back to 1633 when the first of the antecedent Scottish regiments, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), were raised. Over the centuries the antecedent Scottish regiments have won fame around the world for their military exploits and fighting prowess. The Regiment is fiercely proud o The original clans of Scotland were basically extended family groups, the majority of members were related by blood and descended from a common ancestor. They also contained a number of 'Septs', which were families who didn't have direct blood ties to the Clan Chief (or Chieftain) but were still associated with it

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The history of Scotland is wrought with bloody battles and the fierce independence of a people who refused to be conquered easily. Glorified in such movies as, Braveheart, the history of Scotland produced a culture that to this day retains an independent spirit. Many of the most famous Scottish castles were built as enormous towers to protect inhabitants from encroaching British forces The History of Scotland and Macbeth. Buchanan's History is regarded as a possible source text for Macbeth. Some similarities and possible influences include Buchanan's showing of the inner workings of Macbeth's mind and his depiction of Lady Macbeth's taunting of her husband. The extract digitised here contains the account of the reigns of Malcolm II (Duncan and Macbeth's grandfather. This thesis looks into the later 'Asylum Age' in Scotland, concentrating on the legislation and construction of Scotland's district lunatic asylums from the passing of the Lunacy (Scotland) Act, 1857 to the Mental Deficiency and Lunacy (Scotland) Act, 1913. Concentrating on the specific geographies of the asylums, what Foucault refers to as the space reserved by society for insanity. The Collective History Of Scotland 1967 Words | 8 Pages. Both Robert Burns and William Wordsworth use the past in their poetry to inspire readers to change their future but the two poets go about it in very different ways. Burns focuses on the collective history of Scotland, drawing on its folk songs, national heroes and culture to create revolutionary sentiment in his readers. Wordsworth sits. Scotland played an important role in Viking raiding, trading, and colonization; and the Vikings played an important role in the history and national identity of Scotland. While several references in surviving sagas and other Norse lore strongly state that Scotland was best avoided - being a land of fierce savages and abominable weather - many Vikings obviously ignored the advice. In addition to the rich supply of archaeological evidence, Scotland boasts some of the highest Nordic DNA.

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y EPIC church history journey continues to take me around the world. Most recently I traveled through Scotland to research its history and admire its beauty. Here's a brief overview of some of what I found and experienced. My thanks goes to Zondervan for sponsoring the video to draw you Scotland - Biography - links and information. There are many books which might be useful here, but some include: The Scottish Nation: or the surnames, families, literature, honours and biographical history of the people of Scotland by William Anderson, published in 3 volumes between 1866 and 1877.; A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen by Robert Chambers, first published in 1835 at London L'histoire de l'Écosse commence il y a environ 12 000 ans avec l'arrivée des premières populations humaines dans l'actuelle Écosse après la fin de la glaciation du Würm.De nombreux artefacts des civilisations des âges de la pierre, du bronze et du fer ont été retrouvés, mais peu présentent des traces d'écriture.. L'histoire écrite de l'Écosse commence avec l. The history of the Bagpipe in Scotland is not easy to trace. The Scots seem always to have played it and mastered it at an early date, almost as if they had contact with those Spartans of balance fame. The Scots are a quiet race, simply getting on with it and have never made any outlandish claims that they were the first to play a pipe or that their pattern was the best. Consequently, a start date is all but impossible

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The History of Scotland, Volume 4 George Buchanan Full view - 1827. View all » Common terms and phrases. according afterwards allowed ancient appear arms army arrived assistance attacked attempt authority battle body Book Britain British Britons brother brought Buchanan called carried castle cause chief coast collected command common Danes death desire died Donald earl Edward enemy engaged. Explore the history of the NHS in Scotland. Explore the accomplishments, milestones, innovations and breakthroughs that help tell the story so far of the NHS in Scotland. Home; History; Timeline; Birth; 50s; 60s; 70s; 80s; 90s; 00s; 10s; Top. Birth . Highlands and Islands Medical Service set up. Forerunner of the UK NHS - a state-funded, centrally-controlled, comprehensive health service. Two strands of history come together in the story of the development of the National Museums Scotland: the desire to have a museum reflecting Scottish history and the wish to have a museum demonstrating international cultures, natural and physical sciences, and decorative art for Scotland This is the template test cases page for the sandbox of Template:History of Scotland to update the examples. If there are many examples of a complicated template, later ones may break due to limits in MediaWiki, see the HTML comment NewPP limit report in the rendered page. You can also use Special:ExpandTemplates to examine the results of template uses. You can test how this page looks in. History The first inhabitants of Scotland were the Picts, a Celtic tribe. Between A.D. 82 and A.D. 208, the Romans invaded Scotland, naming it Caledonia. Roman influence over the land, however, was minimal. The Scots, a Celtic tribe from Ireland, migrated to the west coast of Scotland in about 500. Kenneth McAlpin, king of the Scots, ascended the throne of the Pictish kingdom in about 843.

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History Of Scotland free download - MNS Spyware Remover & History Eraser, Genbox Family History, Advanced Uninstaller Pro, and many more program North-East Scotland: History, Landscape, Culture and Economy. Deepen your knowledge of the unique history, landscape, culture and economy of north-east Scotland. Use this course to train as a tourist guide. Online learning; Short course Approaches to Research: Archives and Sources. Gain the skills you need to conduct research in archives and library collections at graduate level, anywhere in. The dramatic story of Scotland - by charismatic television historian, Neil Oliver. Scotland is one of the oldest countries in the world with a vivid and diverse past. Yet the stories and figures that dominate Scottish history - tales of failure, submission, thwarted ambition and tragedy - often badly serve this great nation, overshadowing the rich tapestry of her intricate past History of Scotland a 73 389 membres. This is a group for anybody who has an interest in the archaeology and history of Scotland, but does not take it entirely seriously A history of Christianity and the Church in Scotland. Iona Abbey . Christianity reached the British Isles through Roman colonisation in the first and second centuries AD and continued within the tribal and cultural mix after the Roman withdrawal in 410 AD

The Great Tapestry of Scotland, hand stitched by a team of 1,000 stitchers led by Dorie Wilkie, tells the visual story of Scotland's history, heritage and culture from its formation to present day Political history of Scotland. This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia.The original content was a The peculiar history of Scotland and England's union. IT. By Ishaan Tharoor The Washington Post. Thu., Sept. 11, 2014 timer 3 min. read. WASHINGTON—This week, British Prime Minister David. This 'omen' led the Scottish troops to victory and the Saltire found it's place in Scottish history. History of Scotland's Saltire Flag. The first illustration of the Saltire flag in it's full blue and white glory appeared around the middle of the 16th Century, and between that time and the year 2003 the blue of the flag has seen some changes. Originally thought to be sky-blue, this color.

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Scots in History of Scotland. Flag of Scotland (Saltire) The problem with Scotland -- It is full of Scots! Conflicts of the Clans Battle of Culloden The Highland Clearances Notes re the Highland Clans Castles of Scotland Searching for Scottish Ancestors Current Issues: Scotland & New Scotland History UK Ordnance Survey: Gazetteer of Place Names The above are on our Website: at Chebucto. Sep 16, 2014 The History Behind the Scottish Independence Vote. On September 18, Scottish voters will go to the polls to decide the future of their country. Jun 24, 2014 Scotland Fights Its Way to. History of Scotland a 72 592 membres. This is a group for anybody who has an interest in the archaeology and history of Scotland, but does not take it entirely seriously

The peculiar history of Scotland and England's union A Scottish Saltire flag is raised over 10 Downing Street in London, September 9, 2014. (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor History of Scotland (IA historyofscotlan00maca).pdf 664 × 991, 232 Seiten; 10,38 MB Hold you, hold you, brave wallece! the english have hanged all your best men like dogs'.jpg 2.248 × 3.367; 662 KB Humbleadviceofas00west.djvu 2.313 × 2.943, 72 Seiten; 3,1 M

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Exhibition National Museum of Scotland The Galloway Hoard: Viking Age Treasure. The Galloway Hoard brings together the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland. It is of international significance and will transform our understanding of this period of Scottish history. Find out mor Trouvez les Scotland History images et les photos d'actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Scotland History de la plus haute qualité The significant, rich The History of the Kirk of Scotland collection covers the ecclesiastical history of Scotland from 1514 to 1625. It presents key events during these delicate times and discusses the motives and actions of important figures who shaped the Church of Scotland. Exhaustive topics are discussed in chronological order. This collection is for scholars, students, or anyone else. Nicola Sturgeon will declare Scotland a nation on the cusp of making history with independence in clear sight after several opinion polls suggested most Scots now want to break away from the.

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Whether its ancient history, modern art or just the most mouth-watering local cuisine you're looking for, you can experience them all in Scotland. Start planning for Scotland Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a ma HISTORY OF SCOTLAND. EAN: 0883929728022 Title: HISTORY OF SCOTLAND SKU: DV0883929728022 Binding: Format: Label: Height: 18 mm Width: 135 mm Length: 192 mm Weight: Language: Manufacturer: MPN: UPC: ABOUT SPEEDY HEN LLC. By continuing with this checkout and ordering from Speedy Hen, you are accepting our current Terms and Conditions. Details of which can be found by clicking here. Seller assumes. Noté /5. Retrouvez A History of Everyday Life in Medieval Scotland (A History of Everyday Life in Scotland) by Edward J. Cowan, Lizanne Henderson (2011) Paperback et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Achetez neuf ou d'occasio Political history of Scotland. Category page. Edi

Traquair House | Historic Scotland GuideStriking photos of 60s & 70s Scotland | Avocado SweetSuites | Dunkeld House Hotel - Short Breaks and HolidayCorgarff Castle, Aberdeenshire, Historic Castles of ScotlandRobert Neal Marshall Plays FDNY Captain Jay Jonas ofIsle of Skye Photo Gallery | Landscape Photography | Skye
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